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Updated: May 10, 2023

We as marketers are always scanning the digital landscape for new opportunities to take advantage of our customers' changing online behaviors. The social media marketing trends of today, like those in many popular digital channels, are undergoing rapid transformations due to increased usage and user expectations.

Social media trend #1: Brand values

In 2020 and 2021, marketers and consumers watched big brands use their platforms to support causes near and dear to their hearts. Additionally, today's customers are more aware of social issues and our global responsibilities. If you promote social initiatives without following through, for example, you may be accused of "greenwashing".

Social media trend #2: Personalization

In 2022, personalization will go much further than [FIRST NAME] and [JOB TITLE]. Due to the increase in social media usage across the board, savvy marketers can use behavioral data to dig deep and find out more about their customers.

Social media trend #3: Content Collaboration

In 2022, collaborating with your brand's fans and advocates is a great way to cut through the noise and get noticed by your target markets on social media. Fill your future customers' news feeds with user-generated content that promotes your brand.

This method will only work if your customers love your product. If you struggle to find happy customers, maybe other elements of the marketing mix would have a greater impact on your marketing as a whole.

According to Stackla's post-pandemic consumer shopping habits, 79% of respondents said User Generated Content heavily influenced their purchasing decisions. 58% of Gen Z left an eCommerce store without making a purchase because it lacked customer reviews and photos (64% of Gen Z).

If you do not invest in User Generated Content, you will not only limit your social reach, but you may also lose website conversions. User Generated Content is only effective if it is done correctly. Likewise, make sure you aren't making any classic User Generated Content mistakes.

Social media trend #4: Digital Disruption

Do you know that your audience's attention span is now shorter than a goldfish's?

With today's social media posts, marketers have up to 8 seconds to convey their key messages and entice further interaction - and that's if the user doesn't just scroll right past (I have tips for preventing this).

In 2022, how can you create social media content that cuts through the noise?

Marketing technology today allows marketers to communicate more creatively - using design rather than copying to convey their messages efficiently and effectively.

The concept of bite-sized content is not new. Although social media platforms continue to develop their offerings, we continue to see trends from other channels, such as email and web design, seeping into social media design.

Social media trend #5: Paid Social Media

In 2021, 79% of marketers will buy paid social media advertising. You should plan your social media budget for 2022 by considering all aspects of paid, owned, and earned media.


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