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Elevate Your Business With Our
Premier Marketing Seminars
Master Class

As a business owner, you understand the pivotal role that marketing plays in the success of your enterprise. Welcome to a masterclass that has been meticulously crafted to cater exclusively to the needs of ambitious business owners like yourself. Our Marketing Seminars Masterclass for Business Owners is your gateway to unlocking unparalleled growth, expansion, and market dominance.

  JRP is excited to partner with Dr. Maribeth Kuzmeski for our Premier Marketing Seminars Master Class 

Dr. Maribeth Kuzmeski is President of Red Zone Marketing, an award-winning marketing consulting firm that specializes in strategies for standing out through innovative marketing and business growth initiatives.

Maribeth is a professor of marketing at Oklahoma State University teaching several marketing courses including The Principles of Marketing, Content Marketing, and Personal Branding: Name, Image & Likeness for student-athletes. Maribeth started The Brand Squad at Oklahoma State, a nationally recognized group of business students who have been trained and certified to assist student athletes with their NIL efforts.

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Through her academic work, Maribeth brings an evidence-based approach to her consulting and speaking. Maribeth has written 9 books including the bestseller The Connectors. She is an international keynote speaker rated as a Top 25 C-Suite Speaker by Meetings & Conventions Magazine.

Maribeth has a bachelor's degree from the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, an MBA from

The George Washington University, and a PhD in Business Administration from Oklahoma State University. When not working, Maribeth and her husband of 30 years are likely at a sporting event, golfing or with their two (somewhat) adult children.

Why Our Master Class Stands Above the Rest

Tailored for Business Owners: 

Unlike generic marketing seminars, our masterclass is designed specifically for business owners who are seeking strategies that translate directly to business success. We delve deep into the challenges you face and provide actionable insights that can be seamlessly integrated into your business plans.

Strategic Marketing Focus:

We recognize that business owners require a comprehensive understanding of marketing strategy, encompassing both online and offline channels. From digital marketing and social media to branding, customer engagement, and innovative campaigns, our masterclass covers it all.

Networking Opportunities:

Engage with a diverse group of fellow business owners who share similar goals and challenges. Our masterclass provides a platform for you to expand your professional network, share experiences, and gain fresh perspectives on business marketing.

Practical Insights, Real Results:

The masterclass is rooted in practicality and real-world application. We understand that every dollar you invest needs to yield tangible results. Our expert instructors guide you through case studies, real business scenarios, and hands-on exercises that equip you to implement strategies that drive growth.

Instructor Expertise:

Our instructors aren't just marketing experts; they're successful business veterans themselves. With a proven track record of transforming businesses through effective marketing, they bring a wealth of practical knowledge and insights that are invaluable to business owners.

Actionable Resources:

Gain access to a treasure trove of resources, templates, and tools that are tailor-made for business owners. These resources are designed to simplify complex marketing processes and aid in the implementation of strategies that drive immediate results.

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January 26, 2024

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