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Social Media Statistics

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, here are some social media marketing statistics. Please note that these statistics may have changed since then:

Social Media Statistics
Social Media Statistics

  1. Social media usage: As of 2021, more than 4.2 billion people worldwide are active social media users, representing approximately 54% of the global population.

  2. Facebook statistics:

    • Facebook has over 2.8 billion monthly active users as of September 2021.

    • 93% of social media advertisers use Facebook Ads regularly.

    • Facebook is the most popular social media platform for marketers.

  1. Instagram statistics:

    • Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users as of September 2021.

    • More than 25 million businesses have Instagram profiles.

    • 81% of people use Instagram to help research products and services.

  1. Twitter statistics:

    • Twitter has over 330 million monthly active users as of September 2021.

    • 85% of small and medium-sized businesses use Twitter as a customer service platform.

    • Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images.

  1. LinkedIn statistics:

    • LinkedIn has over 740 million members as of September 2021.

    • Around 55 million companies are listed on LinkedIn.

    • LinkedIn is the most-used social media platform among Fortune 500 companies.

  1. YouTube statistics:

    • YouTube has over 2 billion monthly logged-in users as of September 2021.

    • It is the second most-visited website after Google.

    • YouTube reaches more 18-49-year-olds than any cable network in the US.

  1. TikTok statistics:

    • TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users as of September 2021.

    • It is especially popular among younger demographics, with 41% of TikTok users aged between 16 and 24.

    • 90% of TikTok users access the app on a daily basis.

  1. Social media advertising statistics:

    • Global social media advertising spending is projected to reach $135 billion in 2023.

    • Facebook and Instagram account for the majority of social media ad spend.

    • Video ads tend to be more engaging, with 53% of consumers wanting to see more video content from marketers.

It's important to note that these statistics are based on the data available up until September 2021, and the landscape of social media marketing is constantly evolving.

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