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6 Tips and Tricks for Social Media

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Using social media. It is an integral part of establishing an online presence, whether you love it or loathe it. There are many platforms available for brand awareness and driving traffic to sites of content creators all over the world. A strong online presence is now more important than ever, and the competition is getting tougher all the time.

You must adapt and stay relevant online to be successful. The world of social media management can be tricky to understand, especially with new platforms and ever-changing algorithms. Find out our tips and tricks for social media, the tools you can use, and how you can make it work for your business.

1. Definition of Content

Social media influencers and travel bloggers come to mind when the term content creator is mentioned. However, the term encompasses much more than that. Any individual or business who produces material online can be defined as a content creator. Determine what your content is and what you hope to gain from your journey before you begin.

2. Strategy

To maximize your exposure and ensure success, it is important to have a plan and clear objectives.

Here are some tips: Create a brand voice Map out key dates relevant to your business or industry Research associated hashtags

It is important to stay up to date with hashtags since they are proven to increase engagement and impressions. As well as grouping your content into a specific category, hashtags allow organic discovery of your brand.

Identify key dates in the calendar to help you choose your hashtags. This will help you stay relevant, whether it is a holiday, a day related to your content or a simple traffic-driving date. Creating a content calendar in advance will streamline your workflow, ultimately saving you time.

3. Find Your Voice

The common misconception with social media is that running the same post across all platforms saves time and gives you a similar outcome in analytics. However, one of our ultimate social media tips and tricks is to adapt your style and voice across different platforms.

  • Instagram -1.05 billion monthly active users, ⅓ of top viewed stories are business based and overall, a more creatively led outreach.

  • Twitter - 199 million monthly active users and the preferred social media platform for up-to-date news and updates.

  • Facebook - 2.85 billion monthly active users with an increasing average age.

  • LinkedIn - 310 million monthly active users, posts with images get 2x higher engagement and users are 20x more likely to re-share a video.

  • TikTok - the newest social media platform, 689 million active users, perfect for quick and engaging video content.

4. Diversity

How you post can be as important as what you post. Creating a diverse library of content formats can be key to maintaining an engaged audience. Statistics show that mixing up your content can increase engagement and impressions, from a simple image post to the more complex infographic and video content.

5. Social Media Management

So, you have your platforms all set up now and you need a central hub from which to manage them. There are many options out there but what are the advantages to upgrading your management system? The obvious time-saver is giving you full control and a visual layout of what is going on without the need to log in and out. As well as easily scheduling posts, giving you an overview of incoming messages and some systems, like Sprout, offer in-depth analytics and summary tools. These range from basic reports on audience behavior and follower numbers to more in-depth summaries on SEO (search engine optimization) keywords and industry trends. Sprout can be personalized to your reporting needs.

6. Paid Advertising

Our last social media tip is once you have the basics of organic traffic and engagement under wraps, it may be time to look into paid advertising and sponsored posts. Now, this isn’t the best route for all content creators, but in order to grow your business, it is a viable option.

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6 Tips and Tricks for Social Media
6 Tips and Tricks for Social Media

There is no magic wand to wave to create

viral posts. Ultimately, the world of social media is an ever-changing one and having background knowledge will aid you to present your content to those that will engage with it the most. Crucially, it’s about you. You are the one talking to the audience, laying the foundations to create a strong visual brand and fluent tone of voice for your business content.

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